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Suggestion for our store/shop. With everything that is going on now with 5G & WIFI radiation awareness, most of us are now hard wiring our computers ect. My suggestion is to make a DVD of "The 5 Tibetan Rights" & "Shake N Bake" so that we can pop the DVD into our laptops or in my case a portable DVD player and Praxis without connecting to WIFI. Plus I would rather Praxis outside in the morning sun. Also can I please suggest a DVD with Tyler doing a session with the Carillon Bowl, not all the info of the bowl, just a half to 1 hour session with his guidance playing the Bowl. I loved the session he did with the bowl and I know everyone in here also loved it. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a DVD that we can take with us anywhere and do a guided meditation at anytime with the sounds of the bowl & Tyler's input. Thank you

Suggested by: Tanya Smith Upvoted: 02 Sep, '19 Comments: 4

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Comments: 4

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