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Hello Good Peeps !! : ) I would like a Disclaimer used for anyone about to access the healing information registry. Anytime they use that they would have to go thru a button to tick which says something like - " Before you access this information you agree that anything you try from the information is not HTS responsibility. That we strongly recommend you get a proper Eye Photo History of your health and receive the 7 Principles of Health assessment from our trained Coaches to ensure you are managing your health sensibly when attempting to improve health." --- This will stop them blaming HTS if things go wrong . This way we are directing them away from running off in all directions apart from what might heal them - Then coming back to put bad reviews up because they are getting worse and not understanding where they are at Or detoxing etc ?? --- As Coaches we can cover ourselves with Tyler's disclosure form when we see them. Just a thought - Love Mike

Suggested by: Mike Brunt Upvoted: 15 Jul, '19 Comments: 2


Comments: 2

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